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This page honors all United States rescue workers (that have come to my attention) who have died in the line of duty since January 1, 2011.

May all these rescue workers and all other rescue workers who have died in the line of duty or in retirement rest in peace.

The following is a poem which I found in my research for the 2004 page that I thought fit with the theme of these pages perfectly. It was written by Greg Gray of the Raccoon Township Volunteer Fire Department in Aliquippa, PA (used with his generous permission) to honor his fallen comrade, Firefighter David Vinisky, who was lost August 25, 2004:
With A Heavy Heart I Witness

We lost a part of our world.
A man has been killed.
A brother has fallen.
A good friend is no longer here to help.
For days, we try to prepare to say goodbye.
We have many friends. They are all very wonderful.
They have help in many ways that no one on the outside even thought about-
Food & soft drinks seem to appear out of nowhere-companies from outside are
Here to cover our area while we are out of service.
All those who have come to help are our Brothers-we are not related by blood-\
We are not of the same religion or skin color.
We are auto mechanics and computer engineers. Electricians, plumbers, school
Teachers & CPA's, truck driver & CEO, standing side by side in our tragic
The day is long and hot, it starts before the sun is up.
The truck is draped, the hall prepared, we can do this, we must.
The service is carried like a litter. All hands on. No one here will let it drop
If we should stumble, and stumble we do.
We are in pain, and we grieve.
We go on.
Now, the service is over.
Back the truck in & have another coffee it's been a long hard day.
Look forward to some rest & see the kids for a time………
Men & women, that an hour ago, were too choked with grief to speak, Jump
Out of patent leather & dress uniform into bunker gear & boots.
There are no reporters here now.
No camera crew.
It's just another fire call out of hundreds that no one will hear about.
They don't care if they get their picture on TV or get to read their name in the papers.
The truck that moments ago sat quiet & blacked- burst into red & wails off into the rain & wind. Someone needs help!!!!!!!!
They care about me, they care about you, they care about "our" homes & they go.
My heart is heavy, but it is lifted high by what I witness here.
Thank you God for the fire fighters!
Thank you firemen!

Rank and Name Age
Date of Incident
Date of Death
Department City State
Firefighter James ''Jim'' M. Rice 46 12/23/11 12/23/11 Peabody Fire Department Peabody MA
Firefighter Robert George 46 12/21/11 12/21/11 Methuen Fire Department Methuen MA
Firefighter Jon D. Davies Sr.
43 12/08/11 12/08/11 Worcester Fire Department Worcester MA
Firefighter Kevin Edward Townes Sr. 54 12/08/11 12/08/11 Mount Vernon Fire Department Mount Vernon NY
Firefighter Freddy Ray Childress
Wilson Volunteer Fire Department
Firefighter Joseph ''Joey'' A. King 61 12/04/11 12/04/11 Davis Creek-Ruthdale Volunteer Fire Department South Charleston WV
Firefighter Scott Osenenko 45 12/03/11 12/03/11 Livingston Parish Fire Protection District No. 4 Walker LA
Firefighter Johnny Lynn Norton 56 11/21/11 11/24/11 Hot Springs Volunteer Fire Department Hot Springs NC
Lieutenant Joey DiBernardo 40 01/23/05 11/22/11 FDNY Rescue Company 3 New York NY
Fire Chief Gregory S. Baker 52 11/20/11 11/20/11 Lewisville Community Volunteer Fire Department Lewisville OH
Fire Captain Jonathan C.W. Young 50 11/16/11 11/16/11 Roselle Fire Department Roselle NJ
Fire Police Officer Edward N. Steffy 71 11/10/11 11/10/11 Rothsville Volunteer Fire Company Rothsville PA
Firefighter/EMT Charolette ''Charlie'' Rae Adair 45 10/28/11 10/28/11 Richfield Township Fire Department Berkley OH
Firefighter Horace "Chris" Christopher Pendergrass 49 10/22/11 10/22/11 Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department Fairfax VA
Captain William Caviness 35 10/08/11 10/08/11 IAFF Local 947, Greensboro, NC Greensboro NC
Firefighter Mark Walter Camara 41 10/07/11 10/07/11 Poultney Rescue Squad Poultney VT
Captain Bruce Mandel 47 10/03/11 10/03/11 Maplewood Volunteer First Aid Squad Maplewood NJ
Lieutenant Andrew “Andy” K. Boyt 45 10/03/11 10/03/11 Cape May Fire Department Cape May NJ
Lieutenant Vincent Junior Cruz 41 09/29/11 09/29/11 Guahan (Guam) Fire Department Hagatna GU
Lieutenant Keith Gregory Rankin 38 09/25/11 09/25/11 Lancaster Township Fire Department Bausman PA
Captain George Wendell Fisher III 56 09/22/11 09/22/11 Sandy Bottom Volunteer Fire and Rescue Kinston NC
Firefighter Michael Benjamin Collins 41 09/18/11 09/18/11 Shelby Fire Department Shelby IA
Firefighter Jacob Paul Waldner 20 09/15/11 09/15/11 Sunset Fire Department Britton SD
Firefighter William George Waldner 22 09/15/11 09/15/11 Sunset Fire Department Britton SD
Firefighter Henry "Jay" Branscum 32 09/02/11 09/03/11 Northeast R-4 Rural Fire Association Cairo MO
Firefighter Christopher Joseph Peterson 22 09/03/11 09/03/11 Ward Four Fire Protection District Jonesboro LA
Firefighter Anthony Quinten Meyers 38 08/28/11 08/28/11 Angelina River Volunteer Fire Department Jasper TX
Fire Marshal Stephen Robert Cox 55 08/26/11 08/28/11 South Davis Metro Fire Agency Bountiful UT
Swift Water Rescue Team Member Michael Kenwood 39 08/28/11 08/29/11 Princeton First Aid and Rescue Princeton NJ
Fire Chief Dennis James Cauthen 54 08/16/11 08/16/11 Elgin Fire Department Lancaster SC
Lieutenant Todd Wesley Krodle 41 08/14/11 08/14/11 Dallas Fire Rescue Dallas TX
Firefighter Larry Gale Nelson 61 08/12/11 08/12/11 Val Verde County Rural Fire Department Del Rio TX
Firefighter Trampus S. Haskvitz 23 08/11/11 08/11/11 South Dakota Wildland Fire Suppression Division Rapid City SD
EMT Charles Black 54 08/10/11 08/10/11 Superior Ambulance Hammond IN
Captain Kyle Kenneth King 53 08/01/11 08/08/11 Perry Fire Department Perry OK
Firefighter Chris Staley
21 08/06/11 08/06/11 Cobb Island Volunteer Fire Department Charles County MD
Firefighter/EMT Timothy R. White 50 07/17/11 08/05/11 Cedar Lake Volunteer Fire Department Cedar Lake IN
Firefighter Jefferey Alan Cocke 59 08/01/11 08/04/11 Altavista Volunteer Fire Department Altavista VA
Lieutenant Timothy Oliveira 53 07/29/11 07/31/11 Salisbury Fire Department Salisbury MA
Captain Jeffrey Scott Bowen 37 07/28/11 07/28/11 Asheville Fire Department Asheville NC
Firefighter Gaston Aloysius Gagne 46 07/25/11 07/25/11 Baytown Fire Department Baytown TX
Captain James "Jimmy" Haggas 56 10/??/10 07/21/11 Indialantic Fire Department Indialantic FL
Firefighter Travis Lee Miller 31 07/19/11 07/20/11 Waterloo-Grant Township Volunteer Fire Department Waterloo IN
Captain Jackie Spoon 47 07/14/11 07/14/11 Greensboro Fire Department Greensboro NC
Fire Police Lieutenant John Joseph Lackovic, Jr. 60 07/11/11 07/11/11 Valley Forge Volunteeer Fire Company Valley Forge PA
Firefighter (and Deputy State Fire Marshal) Charles ''Sparky'' Victor Sparks 49 06/30/11 07/08/11 Columbia - Adair County Volunteer Fire Department Columbia KY
Firefighter Caleb Nathanael Hamm 23 07/07/11 07/07/11 Department of Interior Bureau of Land Management -
Bonneville Hot Shots
Salt Lake City UT
Firefighter III Harold Gregory Gibson 53 06/19/93 07/02/11 Fulton County Fire Rescue Atlanta GA
Firefighter Walter Hauser 62 02/11/81 07/02/11 Rochester Fire Department Rochester NY
Fire Chief Matthew Morgan Hadaller, III 47 06/27/11 06/27/11 Lewis County Fire District #3 Mossyrock WA
Firefighter Deon "Dino" Jason Classay 42 06/23/11 06/23/11 Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fort Apache Agency Whiteriver AZ
Firefighter Chris Khuong Pham 35 06/23/11 06/23/11 Dallas Fire-Rescue Dallas TX
Forest Ranger Joshua Omer Burch 31 06/21/11 06/21/11 Suwannee Forestry Center, Florida Division of Forestry Lake City FL
Forest Ranger Brett Luther Fulton 52 06/21/11 06/21/11 Suwannee Forestry Center, Florida Division of Forestry Lake City FL
Assistant Fire Chief Robin Erlic West 55 06/18/11 06/19/11 Startex Fire Department Wellford SC
Firefighter Corey Ray Shaw
22 06/17/11 06/17/11 Du Quoin Fire Department Du Quoin IL
Firefighter Scott Thomas Davis 40 06/15/11 06/15/11 Muncie Fire Department Muncie IN
Acting Battalion Chief Garet Gardner Rasmussen 38 06/12/11 06/12/11 Chelan County Fire District 1 Wenatchee WA
Lieutenant Ronald Dwane Ruprecht
Stone Lake Fire Department
Stone Lane
Firefighter David Goins 47 06/09/11 06/09/11 Huntington Fire Department Huntington TX
Firefighter Matthew Chan 23 06/06/11 06/06/11 Glenwood Fire Department Glenwood MN
Firefighter Anthony ''Tony'' Michael Valerio 53 06/02/11 06/04/11 San Francisco Fire Department San Francisco CA
Lieutenant Vincent A. Perez 48 06/02/11 06/02/11 San Francisco Fire Department San Francisco CA
Engineer Kevin Moore 53 05/31/11 05/31/11 Pasadena Fire Department Pasadena CA
Second Assistant Fire Chief Thomas Shields Shields 42 05/31/11 05/31/11 Flanders Fire & Rescue Company Flanders NJ
Fire Chief Robert J. Tieche
Cardinal Joint Fire District
Firefighter Chip Andrew Imker 35 05/23/11 05/23/11 Cambridge Fire Department Cambridge MN
Firefighter David Samuel Howell
Roseboro Volunteer Fire Department
Firefighter Thomas "Todd" Lange 60 02/05/78 05/20/11 Pittsfield Fire Department Pittsfield MA
Firefighter Michael P. Esposito 43 05/18/11 05/18/11 Baldwin Fire Department Baldwin NY
EMS Paramedic Douglas L. Odgers 23 05/08/11 05/08/11 Pacific/Bowers Ambulance Services Lake Forest/Long Beach CA
Firefighter Charles Edward Foster 59 04/25/11 04/29/11 Barton Volunteer Fire Department Olive Branch MS
Captain Michael Conley Webb 46 04/26/11 04/27/11 Fleming-Neon Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department Neon KY
Firefighter Gregory Leon Harris
Miami Dade County Fire Rescue Department
Firefighter Elias Jaquez 49 04/09/11 04/20/11 Cactus Volunteer Fire Department Cactus TX
Officer Eric Zapata 35 04/18/11 04/18/11 Kalamazoo Public Safety Kalamazoo MI
Firefighter Robert Dean Watts 51 04/18/11 04/18/11 Windsor Volunteer Fire Department Windsor CT
Firefighter Jacob Anthony Carter 18 04/17/11 04/17/11 Becker-Athens Volunteer Fire Department Becker MS
Firefighter Gregory Mack Simmons 50 04/15/11 04/15/11 Eastland Volunteer Fire Department Eastland TX
Captain Randy Dale Boley 51 04/11/11 04/12/11 Clinton Township Volunteer Fire Department Shreve OH
Firefighter David ''Davey'' Jerome Hunsinger, Jr. 24 04/07/11 04/07/11 Tar Heel Rural Volunteer Fire Department Tar Heel NC
Captain James Lee Von Roden 49 03/12/11 03/12/11 Lee Community Volunteer Fire Department Lee FL
EMT Scherese Bishop 37 03/03/11 03/11/11 Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District Beverly Hills MO
Captain Paul Scott Cash
Nevada Division of Forestry
Fire Chief Christopher Tomhave Stock 48 02/24/11 02/24/11 Westport Volunteer Fire Department Westport KY
Firefighter/Paramedic Glenn Leroy Allen 61 02/16/11 02/18/11 Los Angeles Fire Department Los Angeles CA
Forest Ranger Technician III Donald Ray Lam, Jr.
58 09/07/10 02/18/11 Kentucky Division of Forestry Frankfort KY
Firefighter Larry Cleveland Gressett, Sr.
33 02/17/11 02/17/11 Toomsuba/Alamucha Volunteer Fire Department Toomsuba MS
Firefighter Thomas V. Regan 82 01/26/11 02/17/11 Garden City Park Fire Department Garden City Park NY
Firefighter Joshua ''Josh'' Jay Wilkes
26 02/13/11 02/13/11 Unity Fire Department Guntown MS
Airman First Class Derek Kozorosky
18th Civil Engineer Squadron
Kadena Air Base
Kadena Japan
Fire Chief Richard Leo “Ricky” Barbour
55 01/29/11 02/04/11 Wilson's Mills Fire and Rescue Smithfield NC
Firefighter Daniel ''Double Dare'' Charles Dare
Avon Fire Protection District
Battalion Chief Steven Frederick Auch 56 02/01/11 02/01/11 Indianapolis Fire Department Indianapolis IN
Firefighter James Franklin Walters, Sr. 57 01/29/11 01/29/11 Parkton Volunteer Fire Department Parkton NC
Firefighter Antonio Everett Jones 44 01/29/11 01/29/11 Augusta Fire Department Augusta GA
Firefighter Recruit David Lewis Eason 38 01/26/11 01/26/11 West Memphis Fire Department West Memphis AR
Captain Leslie ''Les'' Leonard Clark 80 01/20/11 01/20/11 Dixon Rural Fire Protection District Dixon MO
Firefighter/Paramedic Mark Gray Falkenhan 43 01/19/11 01/19/11 Baltimore County Fire Department - Lutherville Volunteer Fire Company Towson MD
Retired Firefighter William "Billy" Quick 55 09/11/01 01/18/11 Fire Department City of New York Brooklyn NY
Firefighter Jeffrey Grega
23 01/17/11 01/17/11 Little Swift Creek Volunteer Fire Department Vanceboro NC
Probationary Member Matthew Pellettere 37 01/16/11 01/16/11 River Edge Volunteer Ambulance Corps River Edge NJ
Firefighter Harold Frederick Frey 46 01/16/11 01/16/11 Sandown Fire and Rescue Department Sandown NH
Lieutenant Patrick Bernard Hannon 51 01/15/11 01/15/11 Chicago Fire Department Chicago IL
Fire Captain Jimmie Duane Niles 59 01/13/11 01/13/11 Downs Fire Department Downs KS
Firefighter Jarrett Tyrell Eleam 26 01/10/11 01/12/11 Big Tree Volunteer Fire Company Blasdell NY
Captain William ''Bill'' Floyd Hopman 53 01/10/11 01/11/11 Quincy Volunteer Fire Department Quincy CA
Firefighter Roy Chelsen 51 09/11/01 01/09/11 Fire Department City of New York Brooklyn NY
Firefighter Francis Arthur Ladue, Jr.
Santa Rosa Volunteer Fire Department
Santa Rosa
Fire Apparatus Operator Richard Eugene Paul 54 01/07/11 01/07/11 Kansas City Fire Department Kansas City MO
Fire Captain Scott Carnevale 42 N/A 01/07/11 Alameda Fire Department Alameda CA
Driver/Operator David Earl Remington, Sr. 58 01/03/11 01/03/11 Shapleigh Fire and Rescue Department Shapleigh ME

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If you know of a rescue worker who has died in the line of duty that you would like to see me list here, please e-mail me at frrykid@yahoo.com with verifying information so that I don't honor someone too soon.

All Line of Duty Death information verified from firehouse.com and from links on that site and the Montana Fire Services Training School (based in Great Falls) daily newsleter. In some case, Yahoo! Maps provides and/or verifies city and state information. I also use the USFA FireFighters Memorial Database to find missing information.

Any errors that may creep into a new entry (such as a wrong department name, wrong spelling of a name, etc. will be corrected as soon as I can after I am made aware of such an error and have the correct information. Thank you for your understanding.

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